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Mega Non-Woven Fabric Rectangular Grow Bags
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*Non-Woven Mega Geo Fabric Grow bags:*
Now a days ecofriendly geo fabric grow bags are winning hearts of garden enthusiasts and commercial farmers.

Features of Non Oven Fabric Grow Bags : 

1) These grow bags are BPA free and healthy for organic/ kitchen gardening.

2) Grow bags are long lasting having shelf life of more than 10 years, light weight easy to move.

3) These grow bags helps in nurturing roots as the fabric is breathable; fabric has right amount of porosity to drain excess water and heat; It also helps in maintaining temperature and mobilize more oxygen to the roots. It retains moisture required for the plants and reduces water requirement for the plant.

Non-Woven Fabric Grow Bags Application Area : 
It has been observed that use of pesticides and fertilizers are substantially reduced after using Non-Woven Geo Fabric Grow bags.
These grow bags are useful for nurseries, root plantation, kitchen gardening, lawns, agricultural industries and garden enthusiasts. It can grow all types of plants such as fruits, vegetable, precious medicinal and decorative plants. It can be used indoor and outdoor as well.

Advantage of Non-Woven Fabric Grow Bags : 
Non-Woven Geo Fabric Grow bags can be made in all size and shapes to suit any specific requirement. It can be custom made for your requirement. Cylindrical, square, hanging as well as vertical wall mounted customer shapes are available.

Material of Non-Woven Fabric Grow Bags :
Recycled from PET or plastic bottles  (some of the biggest contributors choking our landfills today.) Giving this plastic waste a new lease on life, Grow Bags recycles them to create a cloth-like bag that can be used to grow plants.
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