Why Mega Kitchen Plastic Vegetable Bags
1. Always fresh : Vegetable and Fruit stored in MegaBags stay fresh for a longer period of time than any other storage bag. The texture & nutrients of the veggies and fruits are thus protected to benefit you and your family.
2. Safe technology : MegaBags are intelligently designed to control temperature inside the bag without any hazardous chemical use. This helps in the process of keeping the produce fresh without any harmful effect on the products & your health.
3. Mega Bags have an inner layer made of cotton that absorbs harmful pesticide which might have stayed even after rising the vegetables & fruits before storing them.
4. Save Money / Nation Serving : By increasing the storage life of vegetables & fruits, MegaBags can save upto 30% of the monthly spend for any household, which was otherwise getting wasted due to spoiling of the stored produces due to aging.
5. Buy Back /Discount Policy : As a part of our commitment towards a healthy environment, we offer a flat 10% discount of every purchase of MegaBags if an old/spoilt/unused Mega Bag is returned to us. We ensure that the collected products are recycled or disposed of in a way that it doesn’t cause any harm to the environment.
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