Why Mega Kitchen Plastic Vegetable Bags
1. Always fresh : Vegetable and Fruit stay fresh for long time in Mega Bags than normal one.
2. Safe technology : Vegetable and Fruit Keep fresh By Providing Controlled temperature without using any hazardous chemical.
3. Mega Bags Inner Layer of Cotton Absorb harmful Pesticide which remain even after washing in vegetable and keep you and Your Family safe.
4. Money Saving / Nation Serving : Every year 30% of Cultivated vegetable and Fruit is wasted due to aging. which is natural process which is avoided by keeping in Natural Environment. Many of us Dont know that they are paying 2% of their hard earned Money on vegetable which is thrown on Dust bin due to aging. Mega Bags IS a ultimate Solution Which Saves Your Money and Serve Nation.
5. Buy Back /Discount Policy : As All of Know about Plastic Life Cycle and its Effect on Environment,We at Mega Bags Decide to Give 10% Discount on every New Purchase of Mega Bags who providing our Old /Break/ unused Mega Bags set. we at Mega Bags Recycle this Plastic in Another use and avoid Landfill by Plastic.

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